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Incorporated in 2016, the Australian Geothermal Association (AGA) is a professional society whose members are individuals working in industry, academia and government representing the full range of geothermal applications from ground source heat pumps to direct industrial heat supply, recreational bathing and wellness, and electrical power generation. We are the central point for information on all things geothermal.


AGA is an association of individual members.  The views and opinions of individual AGA members are their own and not those of AGA or its membership.  AGA does not support or endorse any particular supplier or technology used or supplied by any member or organisation.

Affiliated with the International Geothermal Association (IGA), AGA was born to promote and encourage the science, technology and development of geothermal energy in Australia.

It is not-for-profit, non-party political and non-sectarian.  IGA's Newsletter is accessible only to AGA members on this website at our Members page.

We bring to your attention this excellent promotion of the Latrobe Valley geothermal resource: "theres-an-enormous-geothermal-pool-under-the-latrobe-valley-that-can-give-us-cheap-clean-energy".  The article was compiled by AGA Director, Dr Graeme Beardsmore and published recently in The Conversation.  By early December 2021 the article already had over 200,000 reads and can be viewed from here: 






In December 2019 AGA released a white paper on Geothermal Electricity Generation in Australia: Recent Developments and Future Potential which can be accessed in full from the Projects page of this website.  A summary can be accessed from here. Another summary directed to governments and their agencies is obtainable from the Projects Page.

In April 2019 we completed a Census of Australian Geothermal Projects which shows a substantial use of geothermal energy in Australia.  The Summary can be accessed from the Projects Page or by clicking here.



Note the old AGEA corporation was officially wound up a few years ago but along with AGEA's logo its website is being used without authority or permission by persons who were not involved with the AGEA corporation and are attempting to pass themselves off as AGEA. 

Slideshow of Australian Geothermal Projects  compiled from slides contributed by AGA members for AGA's presentation at WGC 2020 in Iceland, postponed until 2021 can be viewed as updated in April 2021 here.

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