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Membership Options

When applying for an AGA membership, the Applicant agrees to comply with our Code of Ethics. When renewing your membership, existing members will be deemed to have agreed to continue to comply with our Code of Ethics.

Prospective members need to complete a membership application, which must be approved before membership becomes official. 

To decide which category of membership is right for you, please click here for a description of the benefits associated with each membership type.

  • Community

    Every year
    For individuals with an interest in Geothermal Energy
    • Access to the AGA website Members Area
    • Access to all AGA communications and data
  • Professional

    Every year
    For those actively involved in the Geothermal Energy sector
    • Optional listing in Members Goods and Services Directory
    • Access to all AGA communications & data
    • Affiliated Membership International Geothermal Association
    • Can apply for certification as a Practicing Professional
  • Corporate

    Every year
    For companies working in the Geothermal Energy industry
    • Includes 5 free individual Professional Memberships
    • Corporate logo on website
    • Project entry in Corporate Member Showcase
    • Nominate topics for AGA advocacy
  • Professional (Corporate Coupon)

    Every year
    Professional membership provided via Corporate Member
    • Use this option with a coupon from a Corporate Member
    • Includes all benefits of Professional Membersip

In order not to burden AGA with administrative cost the membership is set to auto-renewal. Please contact us at any time if you wish to stop your membership.

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