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AGA Code of Ethics

The Australian Geothermal Association (AGA) is a professional society whose members are individuals working in industry, academia and government representing the full range of geothermal applications from ground source heat pumps to direct industrial heat supply, recreational bathing and wellness, and electrical power generation. AGA is the central point for information on all things geothermal.

Affiliated with the International Geothermal Association (IGA), AGA was born to promote and encourage the science, technology and development of geothermal energy in Australia. AGA is not-for-profit, non-party political and non-sectarian.

General Principles

• The word “member” or “members” as used throughout this Code includes all classes of AGA membership in operation at the time in accordance with the Constitution of AGA.

• Members will cooperate in progressing the geothermal sector and profession by the exchange of non-confidential knowledge, information and experience with fellow members and the public.

• Members are required to abide by this Code so as to uphold the dignity and good reputation of AGA and of their profession and to maintain the highest possible level of conduct in all professional matters.

• AGA expects its members to act with professional morality and professional standards of conduct.

Relationships between Members

• Members will act with propriety in criticising the ability, opinion or integrity of another member, person or organisation.

• Members will not falsely, wilfully or maliciously attempt to injure the reputation or business of any other member.

• Members will acknowledge the work done by others, avoid plagiarism, and avoid the acceptance of sole credit for work when the results were contributed by the effort of others.

• Members will endeavour to cooperate with other members, geothermal professionals and practitioners and will encourage the ethical dissemination of geothermal knowledge.

• A member will refrain from using unfair means to win professional advancement, and avoid injuring unfairly or maliciously, directly or indirectly, another member's professional or business reputation.

• If a member does not have expertise in a particular field AGA encourages the member to inform any person or organisation seeking advice from them that it would be advisable to seek advice elsewhere.

Relation of Members to Others

• Members should be considerate of the welfare of the public and be ready to apply their specialist knowledge and skills in relation to geothermal energy for the use and benefit of the public.

• When acting in respect of any AGA matter members will conduct themselves with courtesy, respect, honesty, integrity, impartiality and fairness towards other members, the member’s suppliers, contractors, the public, public servants and governmental authorities.

• In any public written or verbal comment, by a member they will be careful to indicate whether the statements or assertions made therein represent facts, an opinion or a belief. In all such comments, a member will act only with propriety in criticising the ability, opinion or integrity of another member, person or organisation.

• The professional beliefs and opinions of a member, unless previously authorised by the Board of AGA, should be clearly expressed to be their own, based on facts, experience and interpretation, and not those of AGA or other members.

• Members will not make false, wilfully misleading, exaggerated or unwarranted statements, representations or claims relating to AGA membership, responsibilities, duties, authorities or assigned tasks, nor will they engage in false or deceptive advertising in respect of AGA.

• No member will claim to speak for or represent AGA without the permission of the Board of AGA and then only to the extent approved in writing in advance by the Board.

• AGA does not support or endorse any particular supplier or technology associated with, used or supplied by any member or organisation.


• No member will publish or provide for publication or use of AGA reports, studies, maps or material for any unauthorised, false or illegitimate undertakings.

• No member will permit the publication or use of AGA reports, studies, maps or material which have not been approved for disclosure to the public by the authors and the Board of AGA.

• Members will not purport on behalf of AGA to give professional opinions, make reports or give legal testimony without being as informed as reasonably necessary.

• Before being granted authority by the AGA Board to represent AGA, a member will disclose to the Board any pertinent competitive or conflicting interests and furthermore will disclose the existence of those personal interests in any subsequent public representations on behalf of AGA.

• When providing advice or services to others in relation to geothermal processes, suppliers, services or equipment, a member will inform them of any business connections, affiliations or conflicts of interest, of the member which might influence the member's judgement or impair the disinterested quality of the member's advice or services.

• Members will not use or disclose any information obtained exclusively through their membership of AGA and which they know or could reasonably be expected to know is confidential or should remain confidential. 

• Members will avoid conflicts of interest that may arise from information gained from their membership of AGA.

Duties to the Association

• Members will assist in preventing the election to membership of AGA of those who they reasonably believe do not meet the standards set forth in this Code of Ethics.

• Each member agrees to uphold the ethical and behavioural standards set forth in this Code of Ethics.

• Members will not use AGA membership to imply endorsement, recommendation, or approval by AGA of specific projects or proposals.

• Members will refrain from knowingly allowing the use of AGA’s name or the member’s name, by an enterprise it reasonably considers to be of unethical character.

• A member will advertise only in a manner consistent with the dignity of the profession, refrain from using any improper or questionable methods of soliciting professional work and decline to accept compensation for work secured by improper methods.

• A member will be entitled to use AGA’s logo on their website to indicate they are a member of AGA and otherwise on their correspondence only for the purposes and in the manner authorised in writing by the Board of Directors.

Compliance with Law

• Members will comply with applicable anti-bribery and corruption laws and related rules, regulations and guidance.


• Members will avoid placing themselves under any obligation to any person or organisation who might deal with his employer or client nor will accept any substantial favours from such person or organisation.

Compliance with Standards

• Members violating any standard prescribed in this Code will be subject to any sanctions or remedies as may be implemented from time to time in accordance with AGA’s Constitution.

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