Recent publications or presentations relating to some aspect of geothermal energy which are authored or supplied by members or considered relevant to members will be posted here.

Slideshow of Australian Geothermal Projects prepared by AGA for WGC 2020 in Reykjavik, Iceland

This powerpoint slide show was originally created from slides donated by AGA members to be included in AGA's presentation at 2020 in Iceland.  The WGC was postponed until  2021 due to the Covid19 virus and this version of the presentation accessible here was updated in April 2021.

International Energy Agency - Geothermal (IEA-GIA) Case Studies of International Geothermal Heating and Cooling Applications  

The IEA GIA has been working on producing a series of “brochures” showcasing case studies of GSHP and other geothermal heating and cooling solutions for various applications across the world. The first 3 examples of the case studies (from France) have been completed and are now available from the IEA GIA website.  These include: Aged Care; Facility – Aquifer Water; Winery and vineyard – Vertical probe; Detached Residence – Vertical Probe.  These examples include information about the climate, costings and technical data.

Geothermal Gaining Traction for Clean Heating 

This article published by Energy Monitor in May 2021 refers to the International Energy Agency's May 2021 net zero emissions report.  It mentions that geothermal energy growth is virtually stagnant, but the increased push to decarbonise heating systems could see the technology receiving renewed attention.

Electromagnetic Monitoring of Hydraulic Fracturing: Relationship to Permeability, Seismicity, and Stress

Stephan Thiel (Sep. 2017): Surv Geophys DOI 10.1007/s10712-017-9426-2, (Geological Survey of South Australia, University of Adelaide),

Crustal fluid flow in hot continental extension: tectonic framework of geothermal areas and mineral deposits in western Anatolia


1. Centre for Exploration Targeting, The University of Western Australia, 2 Present address: Geological Survey of Western Australia, 

3 School of Earth & Environment, The University of Western Australia,

4 Department of Geological Engineering, Dokuz Eylu,l University, Buca 35160, Izmir, Turkey


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20 years of exploitation of the Yarragadee Aquifer in the Perth Basin of Western Australia for direct-use of geothermal heat

Martin Pujol a,∗, Ludovic P. Ricard b, Grant Bolton a

a Rockwater Pty Ltd, 76 Jersey Street, Jolimont, WA 6014, Australia

b CSIRO Energy Flagship, 26 Dick Perry Avenue, Kensington, WA 6151, Australia

in Geothermics 57 (2015) 39-55

Innovative Drilling to large depths - First experiences with the down-the-hole (DTH) drilling method for large depths

1-04 Daniel Schindler - presented at IEA Geothermal Asian Workshop held in Hanoi, Vietnam 13-14 Nov 2017

This drilling company has been working in a consortia to develop and apply air and fluid hammer drilling in geothermal applications particularly in granite/hard rock environments.  They are currently drilling a 7 km deep well in Finland on one of the University sites for an EGS project which will supply electricity and heat to the campus.  The goal is to drill to 6,200 metres depth and stimulate the well.  They have used rotary mud through the soft overburden and then air hammer to ~4000m with a much higher ROP than is typical for rotary drilling.  The air hammer depth is limited by the compressors but fluid hammer is able to drill beyond 4000m.  This technique is still being optimised (mud weights and chemistry) for cleaning mud, lifting cuttings, well control and bit wear but ROP is still relatively high in its first application in a large diameter well - both technologies eliminate issues of Bottom Hole Assembly vibration.  They have drilled 4680m in 67 days to mid November. If successful this technique could be a genuine game changer.

An update on the drilling progress and more recent problems encountered with this deed drilling project has recently been posted by Peter Malin of SMU (click to access) whose company is providing seismic monitoring of the project (


Geothermal Heat Pump Applications - Overview of geothermal heat pump applications – Potential for mitigation of climate change in East and Southeast Asia

1-08 Yoonho Song - presented at IEA Geothermal Asian Workshop held in Hanoi, Vietnam 13-14 Nov 2017

Yoonho Song is very knowledgeable about GSHP systems/ design /monitoring methodology and statistics and this presentation could be of interest to Australian practitioners.

The Great Thermal Way - 4th Edition a travellers guide book by Steve Lambert

This book is a travellers guide to hot springs and pools around Australia and well worth reading for travellers touring Australia. While the publication is aimed at travellers and is not always scientifically rigorous it has a wealth of information about Australian hot springs including some of the commercial operations to be included in AGA's census of Australian geothermal installations.