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Census of Australian Geothermal Projects

The Australian Geothermal Association (AGA) has conducted a Census of Australian geothermal projects to more accurately and effectively highlight the positive aspects of this renewable energy industry.

Relevant projects include direct-use applications (eg. pool heating in Perth, Barramundi farms in Victoria etc.), hot springs and spa, ground source heat pump projects at the residential and commercial scale and electricity generation (e.g. Birsdville & most recently in Winton QLD).

We trust that all contributing professionals will benefit from the Census.

The Census has provided a much needed update to the work undertaken by Geoscience Australia in 2016.

Eventually AGA aims to use the database to calculate the Life Cycle Cost of Energy of geothermal applications for easy comparison against other alternative sources of energy in Australia.

A summary of the Census results can be obtained by clicking the button below. Fuller details will be made available soon.


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