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Greenvale Partners with CeraPhi Energy for Groundbreaking Geothermal Feasibility Study

Prominent geothermal consultancy and engineering firm CeraPhi Energy to deliver a

feasibility study to unlock the potential of Greenvale’s Longreach Geothermal Project.

Key Points:

• CeraPhi Energy to deliver an initial feasibility study on the potential for

geothermal power generation at Longreach in Queensland.

• CeraPhi Energy has already commenced work on the feasibility study,

which is scheduled to be completed in approximately 12 weeks.

• Greenvale secures an option to utilise CeraPhi’s proprietary down-hole

patents for its ground-breaking closed-loop geothermal technology.

• Technology offers significant environmental benefits – no fracking & no

water use involved.

• Connection inquiry submitted to Ergon Energy for potential geothermal

power plant at Longreach.

• Relinquishment of EPMs & EPGs with little potential.

Greenvale-CeraPhi Feasibility Study_release-11May23
Download PDF • 462KB


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