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Theia Energy adds geothermal permit to Gingerah Energy Hub in WA

heia Energy was recently awarded geothermal exploration permit GEP47 in Western Australia, adding another facet to their Gingerah Energy Hub in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The Gingerah Energy Hub brings together over a decade-long deep geological expertise and relationship-building in the Gingerah area.

Theia Energy, partnering with the Karajarri Traditional Lands Association, the representative body corporate of the Karajarri People, is at the forefront of the energy transition by harnessing the natural resources of the Gingerah area with the support and wisdom of the Karajarri People. This land, situated in the locality of Gingerah hosts abundant natural resources including the earth’s heat, solar irradiation, wind and groundwater. Theia Energy together with the Karajarri People identified the opportunity to build the Gingerah energy hub, a 3GW renewable energy hub to produce 1 million tonne per annum (mtpa) of zero-emission ammonia. Energy will be produced from a mix of renewable energy sources including: solar pv, concentrated solar, wind and geothermal energy. Groundwater will be sustainably sourced and used for electrolysis producing pure hydrogen gas and oxygen from 1.2GW electrolyzers.


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