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Unlocking the value of low temperature geothermal projects using Leapfrog Energy

Clare Baxter presented a webinar that discussed using Seequent's Leapfrog software to conduct a technical assessment of low temperature geothermal resources using examples from Europe.  

Geothermal can be developed for a range of different applications. All of these require understanding of the subsurface and the resource. Seequent have been supporting the global geothermal industry since 2012 by developing fast, flexible and dynamic tools to model the subsurface. This webinar will touch on how you can use implicit modelling to build your conceptual model with a focus on low enthalpy sedimentary basin workflows. Learn how you can estimate your resource, integrate with flow simulations and plan your well targets. We will talk through a couple of case studies from Europe and have special guest Martin Pujol talk to his experience applying Leapfrog Energy in this space.

Members can access a recording of the presentation using the link below.

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