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Webinar: Measuring and assessing the socio-cultural, environmental, and economic impacts of hot springs

Victoria University PhD Candidate Gaelle Joson will share a case study from regional Australia based on the results of her research on the socio-cultural, economic and environmental impacts of hot springs. Gaelle's PhD was sponsored by the AGA.

The first phase of this research involved developing indicators for hot springs operations using the Delphi Technique. This involved seeking two rounds of advice from selected experts from around the world. Thirty-two experts from Australia, New Zealand, China, Vietnam, USA, Morocco, Poland, England, Germany, Japan, Italy, Vietnam, Switzerland and Austria agreed to participate in the research The aim of the first questionnaire was to purposefully ask broad questions, hence inviting the participants to brainstorm socio-cultural, economic, and environmental impacts of hot springs on its users/visitors and its destination. A 100% response rate was received which was then refined into a list of potential indicators. The second questionnaire was sent out in December 2021 inviting participants to rate the potential indicators developed from the first questionnaire. Again, I received a 100 % response rate and a list of 26 potential indicators were developed and agreed on.

These indicators were tested at Peninsula Hot Springs, Metung Hot Springs, Cunnamulla Hot Springs, Philip Island Hot Springs, and Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre to assess their reliability and validity. Phase two of the research was done using visitor surveys and data from local government statistics and business reports.

Members can view her presentation using the link below.

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