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Webinar Presentation: Exploration of Fault-Controlled Geothermal Systems: A Case Study in the Catalan Coastal Ranges (NE Spain)

Dr. Gemma Mitjanas presented her research results in a webinar on 23 May 2024. Gemma currently a research fellow at the Sustainable Minerals Institute (University of Queensland). Gemma earned her PhD in Geology at the Universitat de Barcelona. Her thesis, entitled "Geophysical and geological characterisation of fault-controlled geothermal systems," forms the basis for her presentation.

Abstract: Previous and new geological and geophysical datasets have provided the basis for an improved conceptual model that explains the localization of hot geothermal fluid systems at relatively shallow depths in the Catalan Coastal Ranges. Hot springs (60 - 70°C) are localized in specific areas along a major crustal fault, the Vallès-Penedès Fault, which delineates a horst-and-graben structure. Fracture field studies and the integration of geophysical data (MT, Gravity, and HVSR) have enabled imaging of how this localization is influenced by the lithology of the rock in the damage zone, but primarily enhanced by the presence of fault-related structural complexities as relay ramps.

Members can access the presentation slides and a recording of the presentation by clicking on the links below.

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