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Lemont GeoLithium: A geothermal power plus lithium-in-brine project in Tasmania

Direct Lithium Pty Ltd is developing a power plus Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) project from geothermal brine within permeable fractures in lithium-bearing, heat-producing granites in eastern Tasmania.

The Lemont GeoLithium Project will be powered by its own geothermal electricity with excess power sold to the National Electricity Market.

The granted geothermal energy plus metals licence includes the large Lemont inferred geothermal resource, and the project is expected to meet the three requirements for a successful geothermal DLE operation, namely: 1) high temperatures, 2) high lithium content, and 3) high flow rates. The project is at an early stage, with the next step a deep (~3km) drillhole to confirm the concept and provide parameters for a feasibility study, with the potential for a Tier-1 lithium resource. 

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